Upcoming Programs in English and Spanish

School for Mothers and Fathers: Starting in May


May 3rd – 5:30pm:

Secure Attachment: The Role of the Caregiver

May 10th – 5:30pm:

Awareness of our attachment in our childhood

May 17th – 5:30pm:

Self-regulation: How to stay calm to be present for our children.

May 24th – 5:30pm:

Understanding my child’s behavior and emotions.

May 31st – 5:30pm:

Helping our children to regulate.

Community Convivencia – May 27, 5:30 pm
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Recurring Events

En Un Mismo Camino:
Meeting ID: 829 5656 3510
Enlace para el Dia del Grupo AQUI
TODOS Los Viernes a las 6 PM.

Cafecito Time:
Meeting ID:  830 6322 9962
Enlace para el Dia del Grupo AQUI
TODOS Los Mártes a las 10 AM.

La Ventanita del Bienestar:
Meeting ID: 969 1341 7255 

Un Espacio Virtual para conectar con recursos, recibir apoyo emocional y conectarse con los lideres campesinos creado para la gente indígena campesina.
TODOS Los Miércoles a las 5:30 PM.
¡Invite a la Comunidad!

The Breakroom:
Help for the helpers.
If interested please contact:

Partnership Community Resource Clinic

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There’s lots of great things happening at Humanidad!

Due to COVID-19, many of our events are being held remotely as described in the upcoming events highlighted above.

If you have any questions or want to know what other events are coming up, feel free to CONTACT US