Training Description

This training is targeted to staff who work with youth and their families within community settings such as in the schools and homes. We will focus on understanding how to diagnose unhealthy family relationship patterns and traumatic attachment ruptures via the use of Pain in the Heart Theory (PITH). For the youth with whom we work, their lives have typically been disrupted by these ruptures due to removal from home, losing placements, immigration, deportation and incarceration, to mention a few. Once we are able to diagnose the pain, we will be ready to know where the healing needs to occur so that our youth can start experiencing positive outcomes in all of their settings!

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Participants need to register in advance on the link by clicking on the Flyer.
We are asking the participants to ensure a quiet private space with internet service.

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Les pedimos favor de estar en un espacio privado y silencioso con conexión a internet.

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