In 2023, Humanidad Therapy is celebrating TEN YEARS of strengthening the lives of our Latinx community by increasing access to and use of community mental health resources! This year alone, we’ve supported 300 people in close to 5,000 individual therapy sessions, provided over 1000 therapy hours at 90 community Convivencias (our unique take on group therapy in which participants engage in storytelling and share life experiences to increase a sense of belonging and self-esteem), and made 400 connections through our systems navigation support.

We all know someone who is experiencing depression or anxiety – maybe it’s you — and our county has alarmingly high rates of alcoholism and suicide. The holidays can be especially hard. You can help make sure that no one has to have these experiences without the support they need, in the language they prefer, provided by professionals who share their culture.

On behalf of our amazing clients, we thank you for your generosity. Begin your donation below: