Meet Our Staff

Maria Hess, Ph.D.

Maria is a co-founder of HTES and previously served as its Executive and Clinical Director. In past years, she also held the role of Clinical Director of Lomi Community Clinic, and was a part of Sonoma County’s first forensic Marriage & Family Therapist training program. In 2012, Maria had a vision for providing culturally-sensitive therapists and set about the task of securing counseling students from universities in the Bay Area to serve the community. The services they would provide would be targeted towards the bilingual, multicultural community who in many cases are not eligible for assistance. Maria remains a leader in the movement dedicated to exploring Trauma Informed Care and Vicarious Trauma in Sonoma County schools.

Cecilia Perez, MFT

Cecilia is currently serving as Interim Clinical Director, and Clinical Supervisor at HTES, and is providing mental health services in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, California. At Humanidad Therapy & Education Services, she is providing bilingual and bicultural therapy services to adults, couples, families and children. Cecilia has been an active member of Sonoma County’s mental health community since 2006, working to provide counseling services in a variety of settings including schools, court-affiliated and community mental health agencies. Cecilia received a Master’s degree in counseling from San Francisco State University in 2010, and is a Licensed Marriage & Family therapist.

Claudia Cendejas, MS

Claudia Cendejas MS, is currently serving as Interim Executive Director at HTES. She obtained her Masters in Counseling Marriage Family Therapy from San Francisco State University, and is a co-founder of Humanidad. Claudia is bilingual and bicultural and has experience providing counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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